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Welcome to the All Course Network (ACN) Family Information Tool

The 2024-25 course catalog is available, and course registration for summer, fall, and year-long is open!

Users can enter a zip code below to view in-person courses by proximity. Click on a "pin" to see all the courses offered at the location. Additionally, use the search categories to look for specific courses offered by semester, type, content, grades, modality, or even credit type. Select "Search" to see a revised list of courses that meet your search criteria. Remember to select "Clear" to start your search over.

Click on the 'info" hyperlink in the table below to read a full course description and learn additional details about the course, including start and end dates and prerequisites.

When selecting courses, please consider the following CREDIT-BEARING course maximums:
-Students can take up to 2 credit-bearing courses in each of the Fall and Spring semesters
-Yearlong credit-bearing courses count as 1 course selection for both fall and spring.

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